Hi guys! Wecome to Photoshop Picture Editor. I’m Jackie Son. I love photoshop and i will bring to you tutorial videos best possible. I want all country in the world to understood tutorials videos of me. I will collect and provide all stock freely.

If you  don’t understand about tutorial video, you can comment below, i will reply all comment if possible. Please subscribe channel in youtube and like fanpage if you like, I hope you like that. Thanks you!

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  1. Santino Passalacqua

    Awesome work! Watched one of your Youtube videos, and now I am on your site. I have a couple questions for you. I sell shoes via eBay, and I am about to start my own website and Facebook Page. I am needing help with a logo. The name of my business is “Selling Our Soles”. I am looking for a circle type of logo, kind of like that Tiger Logo you created.
    A Tattoo looking Logo with a devil holding Shoes by the shoe strings, “Selling Our” on the top of the image and “Soles” on the bottom of the devil. Please let me know if this idea is able to be created. Also, I would like your input if you could help me with this project. Please let me know your rates and how much you will charge.

    If you are not interested in this project, please let me know if you know anyone that can do this type of work.

    “Selling_Our_Soles” is my eBay Handle
    I am in the Dallas, Texas area.

    Thank you,
    Santino Passalacqua

  2. Harshit Tiwari

    Great work buddy..Saw your videos on youtube, thanks for uploading the videos on youtube. How you learned these photoshop skills?? Is there any channel on Youtube, which can help me to learn photoshop well.

  3. Daniel simms

    Hello please write back as soon as possible about howi can order and how long it would take

  4. belal

    well done bro
    but when i make path and fill it it doesnt fill the part who isnt selection who fill
    give me solution pls


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