Photoshop Create ART With The Pen Tool


create ART with the Pen tool

Hello! in this tutorial video i will guide how to create ART with the pen tool. If you feel this tutorial video amazing, please like subscribe channel. I hope you will like. In addition, you can orders at Click here ! if you do not understand about tutorial video you can comment questions in video or website, i will reply all messenger if possible! please comment and for you know think of you! thanks you!

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165 thoughts on “Photoshop Create ART With The Pen Tool

  1. das

    If we are making someone with a hat we also grab the hat? because (with the pen tool) in min 2:04 you grab a little bit of hair.

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  3. ted

    I got problems with deleting the part i draw with pen tool, It just started to be cutted reversed, It cuts not the detail, but everything around it

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