Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial Artistry Vision

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Manipulation Artistry Vision

Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial Artistry Vision

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00:00:12 Open image model (Download link at description)
00:00:21 Open folder (Download link at description)
00:00:25 Drag the file and drop it into the document(Download link at description)
00:00:33 Hold the Shift key while Resize
00:00:58 Add Layer Mask
00:01:02 Use Brush Tool With Black Color
00:01:28 Blend mode: Hard Light
00:01:35 Add Hue/Saturation
00:01:48 Click Layer Mask
00:01:52 Use Gradient Tool
00:02:10 Add New layer
00:02:17 Use Paint Bucket Tool With Black Color
00:02:30 Add Lens Flare Effect
00:02:53 Blend mode: Screen
00:03:08 Add curves
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Skyline City
Model image