Photoshop Tutorial Captain Marvel Poster

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Photoshop Tutorial Captain Marvel Poster

(Stock download on tutorial video at bottom. If the download link is error, please let me know by commenting the video on YouTube)

00:00:08 New document 1920px x 1080px
00:00:20 Open folder (Download link at description)
00:00:25 Move image into document
00:00:34 Hold Shift key while Resize
00:00:44 Add Hue/Saturation
00:01:01 Move image into document
00:01:09 Hold Shift key while Resize
00:01:16 Blend mode: Screen
00:01:22 Lock layer
00:01:30 Open model
00:01:37 Crop document
00:01:48 Open Shadows/ Highlights
00:02:08 Use Quick Selection Tool to Select model
00:03:20 Add mask
00:03:33 Hold Shift key while Resize
00:03:41 Rename
00:03:46 Open Brushes file (Download at description)
00:03:54 New layer “smoke”
00:04:04 Use White brush
00:04:12 Choose Brushes number 6
00:04:25 Use “[” or “]” to resize Brushes
00:04:49 Unlock
00:04:54 Click mask
00:05:00 Use Pen tool to select eye
00:05:20 use black color
00:05:27 New layer “White”
00:05:38 Choose normal Brushes
00:05:47 Use white color
00:05:58 Move image into document
00:06:16 Blend mode: Screen
00:06:29 Duplicate layer
00:06:51 Add Hue/Saturation
00:07:11 Add Solid Color
00:07:16 #15CD7 00:07:21 Blend mode: Soft Light
00:07:44 Delete Layer Mask
00:07:48 Add mask
00:07:56 Add Solid Color (Red)
00:08:06 Blend mode: Soft Light
00:08:18 Hold ALT key and move Layer mask
00:08:24 Ctrl + i
00:08:39 Click White layer
00:08:47 Move image into document
00:08:52 Hold Shift key while Resize
00:09:07 Rename
00:09:24 Add Motion Blur effect
00:09:54 Add mask
00:10:04 Move image into document
00:10:10 Hold Shift key while Resize
00:10:33 Add Motion Blur effect
00:11:19 Up smoke layer
00:11:43 Open Blue Fire
00:11:52 Hold Ctrl key and click
00:12:45 Move to Group
00:12:52 Blend mode: Screen
00:13:03 New layer
00:13:28 Color #32cefa
00:13:47 Blend mode: Pin light
00:13:57 Add curves
00:14:19 Use Black color
00:14:48 Use White color
00:15:31 New layer “Light”
00:15:42 Hold Ctrl key and click layer mask
00:16:27 Blend mode: Overlay
00:16:43 Add curves
00:17:01 Move image into document
00:17:08 Hold Shift key while Resize

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