Photoshop Tutorials Loading Disintegration Actions

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Hi! in this Photoshop Tutorial, i will guide you download and use disintegration actions completely free. Tutorial have illustration image and includes 7 steps basic. Link download action at the bottom. Thanks you!

Step1: You open your image

open photo

Step 2: Use crop tool.

1.2 crop photo

Step 3: Add new layer name “brush”.
2 add layer

Step 4: Use brush tool, paint over the position you want to appear effects.
3 use brush

Step 5: Window > Actions of use key F9. Open tab “Actions”.
4 open acction

Step 6: Download “disintegration actions” (link at bottom). and click load actions select¬†disintegrationactions.atn.

5 loading ac tion

Step 7: Select layer “brush” then click Right on Actions and click play actions

play action



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