PicsArt Tutorial: Feather Disintegration

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Feather Disintegration image

PicsArt Photo Studio Tutorial: Feather Disintegration 

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00:00:11 Open image model
00:00:26 Use Cutout Tool
00:01:11 Remove remaining Background
00:01:33 Save model
00:01:57 New Drawings “Pink Canvas”
00:02:05 Select 1920X1080
00:03:32 Color Picker
00:04:31 Add New Emply Layer
00:04:41 Add photo (You can download at description)
00:04:57 Blend mode: Screen
00:05:23 Done And Edit Image
00:05:34 Use Draw Tool
00:05:43 Use White Color
00:06:01 Done
00:06:06 Use Crop Tool
00:06:19 Done
00:06:22 Add Effects
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Feather Disintegration image